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Baking has been a preoccupation of mine ever since I baked my first cake at the age of 7 (ish) - a yummy vanilla pound cake (before the days of Madagascan vanilla bean paste). Soon, cake-making became an obsession, plus, it was much more fun than piano practice. A year or so later I entered the school fete cake competition with an owl-shaped creation that I had seen on Blue Peter (the Tracey Island didnít turn out so well). The cake was covered in chocolate, jelly diamonds and flaked almonds were used to recreate an owl's feathers - it was an epic cake for an 8-year old. Despite my efforts, I was only awarded 3rd Prize because the grown ups didnít believe that Iíd made it all myself. Undeterred, I went from baking escapade to escapade, spending my time trying to perfect the ultimate cake recipes. Baking became my main distraction when the thought of writing my PhD thesis (which is now completed by the way) became unbearable. Birthday cakes turned in to bake sales, bakes sales into tea parties and tea parties turned in to weddings. And before you knew it, Connieís Cake Emporium was born.



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